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Quebec’s Number One Financial Specialists

  • Satisfied Customers

    Satisfied Customers

    Since our beginnings, we’ve helped thousands of Quebecers obtain car loans; whatever their credit history.

  • Understanding Credit

    Understanding Credit

    Our goal is to guide everyone on how to improve their credit history and obtain car loans.

  • Available Experts

    Available Experts

    Our experts are available by phone, email, SMS, online chat, Skype and Facebook. Contact them before making any decision!

Our Experts

Mélanie L'Heureux
Financial Manager

With her 15 years’ experience in the financial industry, you can fully trust Mélanie to make the best out of your credit history.

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Financial Manager

Annabelle has been working in the car industry for 5 years; she will fully understand your credit needs.

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Mélanie Bastien
Financial Manager

Mélanie loves challenges and helping people. CSM is for her the perfect blend of personal challenges and professional help.

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About CSM Financial Services

CSM has been for 25 years and continues to be THE expert in car loans. Choosing CSM means getting 25 experts and 20 banks and financial institutions to work for YOU! Located in Montreal, our services expand to wherever you are in the Province of Quebec. Our mission is simple: we guarantee that we will contact, for you, ALL major financial institutions and then present you THE best financial offers available. Our goal is to give you the BEST rates with the BEST available loan terms. CSM means gaining access to unbeatable advantages:

  • One Stop Shop
    One Incredible Loan

    As THE financial expert, CSM will contact ALL major financial institutions in order to efficiently and quickly offer you the best car loan available.

  • Thousands of
    Satisfied Customers

    Our name is synonymous to satisfaction guarantee. Read a few of our glowing testimonials to be convinced. CSM: The unbeatable expert.

  • Apply Online
    or by Phone

    No need to travel far, you can apply directly from the comfort of your home. You can apply online, by phone or through Facebook. One of our representatives will happily communicate with you and present you all your options.

  • Efficient and Unbeatable Customer Service

    Our team of specialists can get you a car loan and reestablish your credit history without fail. With us, you are in good hands; you can fully trust our experts. Contact us, and in only a few minutes, you will see what our team is able to accomplish!

  • Difficult Situation, Bankruptcy, 2d Chance Credit

    Whatever your situation, your credit history, we can get you the car loan you need, through banks, financial institution or in-house financing.

  • No Impact on
    your Credit

    Our experts will professionally fill out your forms, avoiding all possible mistakes and impact on your credit score.

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Pret Auto Express

"I went shopping for a new car and OMG I never expected such a wonderful and perfect experience from your absolutely kind and pleasant customer service rep, Cindy Bilodeau. She did everything in her power to get me the best possible deal at the best possible rate. It was, by far, the greatest experience I ever had while shopping for a car and a loan! It’s actually very funny but I cannot wait for when I will need another car and get to experience it all over again. I would not change a thing about Cindy Bilodeau. She is, in my book, no 1 in the whole province of Quebec! I do not hesitate for a second to refer her to everybody. If you have the pleasure to deal with Cindy, you will not be disappointed with her and you will be satisfied, I guarantee it! Thank you Cindy Bilodeau!"
From Gabriel Gurarslan

"Thank you to everybody at CSM! Your hospitality, your customer service, everything was awesome. I want to especially say thank you to Chantal Pelletier for helping me and assisting me in getting the best car loan out there. She went beyond all I could have ever expected, she took care of the follow-ups with the credit bureau and she made sure my credit history was back to where it was supposed to be. I feel bless that I contacted you guys and that I was able to count on a professional team that understood me and didn’t consider me to be one of many customers. I needed your help and with everything you did, I don’t even know how to begin to say thank you. It is more than appreciated. Thank you Chantal Pelletier for listening to me and taking the time to help me when I needed it the most."
From Gabriel Dupras

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